Big Data and Race to Zero

The phase of Big Data is here. Recently three separate announcements illustrated the trend. SAP said it is putting a rich version of its real-time analysis software online. SAP is also opening up the product, called HANA, to independent online developers.
SPLUNK makers of corporate software to look at things like a web shopper’s online clicks and a company’s network performance, announced an alliance with Tableau Software, an analytics and data visualization company. and now, the newest version of Tableau’s product will directly connect to Splunk.
Good Data which offers data analysis of business performance as an online service, is creating an analytics system to attract more businesses to use GoodData, and more independent developers to write new products that use the company’s data-crunching capabilities.
The early bets and stand-alone products seem to be moving rapidly into more sophisticated uses and broader corporate alliances.
Data inside companies is growing fast, big data capabilities are growing, and the product choices are increasing. There is a growing demand for Big data with real-time processing.
GoodData with 30,000 user companies has built its own so-called analytics engine from a combination of open source, in-house and partner technology. With arrangement on royalty GoodData’s some of the analytics aee using Hewlett-Packard’s Vertica product,
New companies like ClearStory Data has combined external and corporate data for decision making on things like marketing and financial activity, and Wise .io is running fast machine learning algorithms for very large data sets, use a newer open-source data management system called Spark, claims it recently did in 20 minutes work that currently takes four months on conventional systems.
Quoting Joshua Bloom, chief executive of and a professor of astrophysics at the University of California, Berkeley “Everything is in a race to zero,”


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