Workday vs PeopleSoft / Oracle / SAP

Workday is making serious inroads into the Enterprise HR space at the expense of the legacy providers offering 100% replacement business for Oracle HR, PeopleSoft HR and SAP HR, offering a more modern feature set at a better price and a lower total cost because businesses can buy into it as a service rather than having to maintain ownership over it. Still, Workday is a long way off from displacing Oracle and SAP’s competing HR services both, still serving over 10,000 clients each. The larger companies are doing their best to catch up, which includes heavy acquisitions. Last December, SAP announced it would spend $3.4 billion on the human capital management software company SuccessFactors. Meanwhile, Oracle bought Taleo, which develops employee recruitment software, for $1.9 billion. Surely PeopleSoft’s leading position in HR space is at stake and it will be interesting to see the fight between the three getting more intensified in the coming time.


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